Art File Specifications

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Setup Guidelines for Files Production files should be submitted production-ready

Include a low-resolution jpg/pdf of the images/layouts being submitted
Bleed: Include at least 2-inch bleed past the finished size.
Links: Include all placed or linked files, even if the files are embedded. If placing a low resolution link in a file, be sure to include a high-resolution file with the same name in your folder for production replacement.
Fonts: Be sure to include the font package with your graphics file(s).
Layered artwork: Submit a layered version of your file to assist in any needed color correction or element changes.
Overprint Fill: Do not use this option in your artwork: That selection, on any layer, will not process correctly.
Colors: PMS or custom colors must be specified in the file. If color is critical, indicate color space/color settings used to create artwork.
Scale: If your files are not actual size, please indicate the finished size or the scale in which they were created. It is important that artwork can be scaled to desired size.
Cut to Shape: If your design includes a die pattern, please include a printout of the design with the die pattern clearly noted. Also include the die pattern on its own layer in the digital file.

Setup Guidelines for Files All design software is current and Mac or PC compatible.

Document Set-up (Vector Based)

Document Set-up (Raster Based)

Submitting Digital Files

Note: If your customer service rep has provided an email with upload links for your art, please use that link.
If submitting an Art Request, follow these instructions.
If placing an Online Order, follow the instructions on the catalogue.